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Asphalt Pavement Analyzer Junior (APA JR)

APA Jr. is a two-wheel multi-functional Loaded Wheel Tester (LWT) used for evaluating permanent deformation (rutting), fatigue cracking and moisture susceptibility of both hot mix and cold mix. The APA Jr can be used as a Design or Quality Control Tool. The APA Jr. meets the provisions of the APA Jr. Rut Test, AASHTO- 340-10 and Hamburg Wheel Tracking Test AASHTO 324-22

The APA Jr. can test mixes at multiple speeds and multiple rates of loading and has a “High Pressure Feature” that allows a user to perform rut testing at high contact pressures for mixes that are used on Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) P401, etc. airport runways/taxiways.

The APA Jr. can also be equipped with a Chiller that will allow a user to perform Low Temperature Fatigue Testing on Beam Specimens and Low Temperature Studded Wheel Testing on Cylindrical Specimens.

In addition, the APA Jr can also be equipped to Perform Microsurfacing/Slurry Seal Testing (ISSA T147 and T109).

Purwheel Testing utilizing solid rubber wheels and pneumatic wheels can also be performed with the APA Jr for Airport and Highway Applications.

The APA Jr can also be used to perform Friction Testing on Asphalt Samples. The APA Jr is operated utilizing a PLC PC Based Control System.

The operating system allows a user to perform all calibrations and functions directly with a Laptop Computer.

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