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Remote Truck Sampling Device (RTSD)

The Remote Truck Sampling Device (RTSD) safely captures a representative, repeatable, non- segregated sample of asphalt from a haul vehicle and deposits the sample into a specimen container.

The RTSD incorporates a “Telescopic Probe” which captures the sample inside the hump of Hot Mix Asphalt. The probe can traverse forwards and backwards and up and down. The angle of the probe can also be changed.

The probe has (2) 1100-watt cartridge heaters which heat the probe and maintain the preset temperature of the probe while capturing a sample. The probe also utilizes a “Stainless Steel” gate that opens and closes inside the hump of mix. The RTSD can extract a sample from a fully loaded truck as well as a partially loaded truck.

An elevator(mounted to the steel upright) is used to transport the sample from the probe head to ground height.

Typical sample size is 50 to 60 lbs. and can be captured in approximately 1 minute. A sample splitter can also be mounted on the elevator.

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